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Consultancy & Strategy

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Gain unparalleled advice, insights, and support to introduce and propel your services into your target markets. 

Benefit from our in-house expert guidance on both domestic and international technical and regulatory policy matters. We can help to identify spectrum opportunities for the right services, assess regulatory requirements and implications, audit orbital rights and assess the regulatory environment, or conduct regulatory and technical analyses. Whether we're valuing your spectrum assets, translating your product roadmap into an actionable spectrum strategy, or representing your technical and regulatory contributions at regulatory meetings, we stand firmly by your side throughout your journey.

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There is no such thing as off-the-shelf regulatory support

We understand every client is unique and we provide bespoke consultancy services. 

The journey starts with exploration

Constant engagement is maintained throughout the execution phase as the scope of such a project is generally very fluid: customer requirements might change, but in parallel, regulations might change as well, meaning any adjustments, however small they are, will be taken care of.


Clients come to us because of our reputation in the industry. They trust our discretion and sensitive handling of key strategic discussions.


On a call or in a meeting, you can share your project or idea. We want to understand your goals and what's driving them. We actively engage, asking questions along the way until we have the full picture.


We identify potential strengths and shortcomings that help us provide more insightful feedback.


We follow up and bring the right people to the table. We talk you through options and opportunities, identifying risks and how to mitigate them.

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Elevating client success through expertise and training

In addition to the aforementioned technical skill and expertise, knowledge transfer and training play a crucial role in the River Advisers offering, vision, and relationship with the clients. 

Training programmes provided by River Advisers equip you and your teams with the necessary understanding, skills, and competencies. Through comprehensive training, you can develop a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, processes, and tools involved, enabling you to make informed decisions and progress toward commercial operation more efficiently.

Fostering knowledge transfer and empowering clients

Throughout contract execution, River Advisers ensures that relevant knowledge is transferred so that the expertise, insights, and best practices accumulated over 20 years of experience are effectively passed on and shared with you. This enables you to leverage that knowledge and apply it to your specific needs and challenges.

Training, together with continuous learning and knowledge transfer, ensures that you receive the necessary guidance, support, and resources to fully capitalise on the services provided. River Advisers has provided such services and support to satellite operators, manufacturers, and governmental agencies for decades.

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Empowering satellite success with comprehensive support

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River Advisers supported a newly created satellite operator through the assessment of their spectrum, regulatory, and coordination environment. We adopted a multi-tiered approach to meet our client’s objectives.

From the assessment of orbital slots and related coordination status, right through to compliance review with spectrum allocation, notification procedures, and other regulatory requirements, River Advisers provided key findings and recommendations. This included a detailed risk assessment and optimisation strategies.

Armed with a clear understanding of their rights, responsibilities, and options, our client was able to proceed confidently with their satellite operations.

The cooperation between River Advisers and Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications has been most satisfactory, both in terms of content and results.

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Discuss your project with us

Applying our deep knowledge and expertise, we work side by side with you to provide unparalleled consultancy, market access, and spectrum filing services that enable your satellite services to launch, operate, and thrive. 

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