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Our Experience

Challenging convention, pushing boundaries

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Helping extraordinary space technologies thrive

Since 1998, we've helped the trailblazers and the innovators to define new frontiers and improve all of our lives. It's been our passion and privilege.

Throughout the years, we’ve played a vital role in bridging the digital divide, maintaining critical infrastructure, facilitating automation and scientific advancement, and safeguarding our natural resources. Our projects have connected people and helped secure and improve live on Earth (and beyond).

Leading our industry

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Working in sectors like yours

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Our experts, by your side

We take great pride in our measured and proactive approach, ensuring that every project we handle is managed with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

With a specialist perspective and in-depth knowledge, our industry experts cover a broad array of strategic, technical, regulatory, filing, and licensing services, ensuring you can access the expertise you require at every step.


We also offer training and coaching to build the skills of in-house teams.
Our adaptability and flexibility allow us to tailor our solutions to suit your specific needs, making your journey seamless and rewarding, from concept through to commercialisation.

Discuss your project with us

Applying our deep knowledge and expertise, we work side by side with you to provide unparalleled consultancy, market access, and spectrum filing services that enable your satellite services to launch, operate, and thrive. 

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The cooperation between River Advisers and Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications has been most satisfactory, both in terms of content and results.

Wiktor Sega, expert in the Department of Radio Spectrum at Office of Electronic Communications

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