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Enabling Extraordinary: ManSat rebrands as River Advisers to help space technologies thrive.

River Advisers has today launched a fresh brand identity as it responds to rapid changes within the space and satellite sector.

Formerly known as ManSat, the dynamic new name and branding reflects the growth of expertise, services, and ambition of the company. The rebrand recognises the expansion of River Advisers’ consulting services from traditional service providers to clients in New Space, and also the additional services offered. River Advisers provides critical consulting for international spectrum regulation, market access, and wrap-around support for the satellite and telecom industry and ambitious new technologies around the globe.

"Since 1998, we have helped the trailblazers and innovators to define new frontiers and improve all of our lives," said River Advisers Chief Executive Officer Katherine Gizinski. "Throughout these years, we’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients as technology enablers whether bridging the digital divide and maintaining critical infrastructure, facilitating automation and scientific advancements, or taking the lead in climate change prevention and safeguarding natural resources. The rebrand to River Advisers marks both the evolution of the company and our ongoing mission to connect more people, monitor the planet, and help secure and improve life on Earth and beyond”.

Many new businesses within the satellite industry start with a strong idea of providing services or products, but may not have the staff, budget, or expertise in spectrum regulation and market access to actualize them. Similarly, well-established operators may have the financing and experience, but lack the bandwidth to cover all facets of support needed to advance these dynamic new offerings. Whatever the needs - which will differ depending on whether the client is an established operator, tech start-up, investor, or a regulator – River Advisers has the expertise to help.

As part of the rebrand, River Advisers will offer greater support to tech start-ups focusing on direct-to-device (D2D), in-orbit services, space research, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). For these companies, time and resources are often constrained, yet they have a pressing need to build relationships with regulators long before they become operational. For these clients, River Advisers will be able to leverage its expertise to offer key insights while lending credibility to their businesses.

As a result, companies will be able to show stakeholders that projects are moving forward with the necessary regulatory approvals, resources, and expertise acquired through River Advisers’ consultancy offerings. “Whether protecting established infrastructure or launching a new capability, River Advisers is here to help our clients operate and innovate, by securing access to the resources, markets, and regulatory approvals they need,” continued Gizinski. “From concept to commercialisation, the end-to-end service we offer provides unparalleled experience in all aspects of the ITU filing process, spectrum strategy, market access and regulator relations, as well as market intelligence and technical studies”.

The ManSat brand will remain in place for initiatives within the Isle of Man, including the company’s ongoing successful scholarship programme.


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