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River Advisers looks to boost profile of Space industries after screening of When Wire Was King

River Advisers is aiming to arrange more events promoting the Isle of Man’s Space and tech industries after hosting a special screening of When Wire Was King, a new movie exploring the telecommunications revolution.

The screening at the Comis Hotel in Santon brought together members of the Isle of Man’s Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) chapter, LoveTech, Isle of Man Government, local industry support functions to the Space industry, and members of the River Advisers team from the US, UK, and Isle of Man.

When Wire Was King: The Transformation of Telecommunications is a feature-length documentary that puts the telecommunications revolution in the US into historical context.

Katherine Gizinski, River Advisers CEO, said: “It is a fascinating study of how telecommunications has reached this stage, where all facets of life are now so dependent on secure and reliable telecommunications. It’s a reliance that, as time goes by and technology continues to advance, will only become even greater.

“It was a great opportunity to bring together people in the Isle of Man who share a passion for the Space and technology industries, and this is something we want to expand on, arranging more events like this, working with the Island’s SSPI chapter and LoveTech, to share knowledge and ideas as we all embrace an exciting future.”

Jennifer A. Manner, Executive Producer and Director of When Wire Was King, said: “It is wonderful to share the story of the evolution of competition in the telecommunications industry, and where it is headed, with those who work within the industry and are passionate about what the future holds.”

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