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Educational programmes

Cultivating talent and expertise in our industry

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We are dedicated to nurturing talent and promoting educational opportunities for students. River Advisers proudly offers high-school exchanges and postgraduate opportunities, enabling young minds to explore new horizons in space.

We award scholarships to the United Space School in Houston, allowing students to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of space exploration and science. Additionally, we extend our support to young entrepreneurs through the Conrad Challenge competition, where innovative minds can showcase their entrepreneurial ideas.

For those aspiring to pursue higher education in space-related fields, our scholarships also cover postgraduate courses at the prestigious International Space University, enabling them to gain expertise and contribute to the advancement of our industry.

By fostering these opportunities, we are committed to cultivating talent, empowering students, and promoting a future generation of experts in the field.

Together, we aspire to push the boundaries of knowledge and drive progress in the space industry.

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International Space University

River Advisers offers scholarships for qualified Isle of Man students to attend the various programmes of the International Space University.

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United Space School

In cooperation with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture, River Advisers offers an annual scholarship competition for Isle of Man high-school students to attend the United Space School in Houston, Texas. The scholarships are awarded to the winners of an Island-wide essay competition.

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Conrad Challenge

River Advisers is a sponsor of the Conrad Challenge with the Conrad Foundation. Named after Apollo 12 Astronaut Pete Conrad, the challenge is an annual business plan competition for high-school students from around the world, focused on aerospace, energy, cyberspace, nutrition, and more.  

River Advisers will cover the entry cost of any Isle of Man team wishing to enter the challenge  –  and, if your team reaches the finals, we'll help there too

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Hear from our past winners

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Register interest or find out more about the programme 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team for any enquiries or to begin the application process for the programme. 

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