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Challenging convention and pushing boundaries: Introducing River Advisers

The space and satellite sector has never been so dynamic, with established players and a host of new innovative market entrants competing to provide new, better and innovative services that operate across national and international boundaries.

River Advisers Satellites

Whether the client is an operator, tech start-up, investor, or a regulator – any organization will need different services and levels of support. Formerly known as ManSat, we are now proud to introduce ourselves as River Advisers, a new name that reflects our ever-evolving business. While our core remains unchanged, our services, expertise, and ambitions continue to grow.

Why River Advisers?

Our new name takes inspiration from the river’s nature - adaptable and powerful, yet also calm and controlled. Like a river, we are equipped to guide and shape our own direction while overcoming any obstacles along the way. Our approach is dynamic and persistent, pushing clients forward towards their goals.

The rebrand marks the beginning of an exciting new era for us. As River Advisers, we stand ready to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and progress our clients in an ever-changing, constantly exciting industry.

Helping space technologies thrive

Our exciting new name and branding reflects our dedication to critical consulting for international spectrum regulation, market access, and wrap-around support for the satellite and telecom industry. As ambitious new capabilities and players come to join the ecosystem, River Advisers will be on hand to support their development. Our knowledgeable in-house experts confidently tackle the intricate regulations surrounding satellite services and securing uninterrupted access to the frequencies, orbital resources, and national markets necessary to compete and succeed.

Since 1998, we’ve helped the trailblazers and the innovators define new frontiers and improve all of our lives. Since our inception, we have played a crucial role supporting our clients to bridge the digital divide, maintain critical infrastructure, guard natural resources against climate change, make advances in automation, and continue scientific exploration. Our rebrand underscores our mission to connect more people, monitor our planet’s condition, and enable us to secure life here on Earth and beyond.

Reducing complexity, increasing successes

Our name change to River Advisers reflects our never-ending commitment to supporting our clients across the entire spectrum of the space and satellite industry. No matter if it’s an established operator or a company bringing new technologies and services to market, we will not rest until our clients have reliable access to satellite resources, markets, and regulatory approvals for operation and innovation.

From concept to commercialisation, our end-to-end service gives our clients the experience they need. Our core culture has always been characterised by innovation, problem-solving, and creativity. River Advisers will continue to embrace new challenges while pushing boundaries to create an environment where being bold thrives. We understand global regulations and cultural nuances to provide tailored solutions for each client. Each engagement begins with insightful conversations to ensure that a comprehensive understanding of clients’ unique needs is achieved.

We embrace agility and collaboration, through a team that thrives on the new and the unknown. We are driven by passion for our work and are always proactive in our advice and our actions to ensure that our clients stay informed and up-to-date at all times.

Expertise for all your requirements

Having served industry leaders for decades, our reliable and proactive approach will ensure discretion and professionalism in every project we handle. Our team of experts cover a wide range of strategic, technical, regulatory, filing, and licensing services. Additionally, we provide coaching and training to help internal teams develop their skills. We can also customise our solutions to meet your specific needs, which makes the entire process, from concept to commercialisation, seamless and rewarding.

This industry is changing, and changing fast, but with our new brand, we will continue to expand to overcome industry challenges and supply the guidance our clients need to support their future growth.


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